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WASHINGTON D.C. — With privacy concerns abounding and the debate about who rightfully should have access to your data and digital footprint, U.S. Sen. Marsha...


U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn encourages digital leaders to hold tech giants accountable

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Over the last two years, coworking has caught fire across the United States. Partly in response to more Americans working remotely, the idea of flexible, shared office space has become ...


Western Mass. coworking spaces in Amherst, Greenfield sparked by innovation, creativity


According to the latest Grapevine report published each year by Illinois State University’s Center for the Study of Education Policy, state tax support for higher education is on the rise ...


5% increase nationwide in state fiscal support for higher education

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I am a 33-year-old African American woman and I am a part of the fastest growing bracket of entrepreneurs in the United States. I do not fit the stereotypical image of ...


The Changing Face of Entrepreneurism

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The hole I discovered in the digital media market was ripe for the taking, and I felt like we had a unique opportunity to build something special ...

Mogul Mom

How to develop a product to fill a marketplace void

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Liz Roberts is the woman behind the Diversify Access to Capital Pledge, an initiative created to increase access to seed and early-stage capital to entrepreneurs from diverse groups ...

Innovation 413

Liz Roberts sets her sights on making Western Mass a diverse innovation hub

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Aclarity is tackling the global water crisis by designing, testing and developing innovative water purification devices using electrochemical technology ...


UMass-born start-up Aclarity pioneers path to purifying water

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Sisters Miko and Titi Branch were rookies just getting over their failed beauty salon in downtown Brooklyn when they came up with the multimillion-dollar idea for ...


Miko Branch on launching Miss Jessie’s and running a multimillion-dollar company 

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